The Laura La Plante Project

The best thing about watching silent films, for me, is the discovery of (mostly) unknown actresses or actresses that I’ve heard/read about and haven’t gotten around to watching films during their prime. However, it is thanks to the Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell biography, Lucky Stars, that I personally discovered Laura. She is mentioned several times as being a friend of Janet Gaynor’s at the beginning of Janet’s career. Janet had several uncredited bit parts in Laura’s films: Young Ideas (1924), The Teaser (1925), and Dangerous Innocence (1925) to name a few. Thus began my interest (and slight obsession!) with Laura La Plante.

This project will be a retrospective of Laura’s career with the hope of watching as many of Laura’s films and television appearances that I can find and reviewing them here. I’ll also be doing research on the side when I get the time to dedicate to anything other than school or work. I can’t wait to begin this journey and maybe you’ll fall in love with Laura, too.


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